Is a Diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis a Life Sentence?

When you were diagnosed with AS, did you hear there is not much you can do about it? Were you told you’ll have AS forever, making it a veritable life-sentence of crippling pain and anxiety?

We all were told we would be fighting AS for the rest of our lives, waging an endless battle armed with heavy habit-forming drugs, fighting and fighting and fighting against ourselves and our bodies in a war they say we can never win.

What Nobody Told Us About AS

The fact is, when our medical practitioners say that AS is incurable, what they mean is this: THEY are unable to cure it. And they are absolutely right!

We all know that drugs and surgery cannot cure AS. Even though they may offer temporary relief, these quick fixes don’t really fix anything—and they can cause serious side-effects.

Let me be clear—I have nothing against doctors or pharmaceutical companies. I believe in using every means necessary to solve our health problems, and trust me, I have tried it all.

So when medical doctors say, “There is no cure for AS…” what are you supposed to do? When traditional medications cannot fix you, how do you cope with the devastating diagnosis of AS?

Where can you turn for help?

Clinically Proven SOLUTIONS

What nobody told us about AS is this: there are non-medical solutions which are clinically proven to reverse AS pain and suffering in many cases.

They also didn’t tell us about all the people who have achieved real and lasting relief and recovery from this dreaded disease by neutralizing emotional stress, conditioning the mind and body, and achieving personal and spiritual empowerment.

I highly recommend the coaching sessions by Peter Winslow. I am basically pain free, if that’s what you are looking for, although what Peter teaches goes well beyond just removing the pain from our lives. That is the easy part!

Himanshu Chirag

My Personal Story of Full Recovery from AS

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis when I was 24. I went to all kinds of doctors and tried everything they could give me. I consumed truckloads of drugs, even got addicted to them—including the ones that can cause serious side effects—but none of them cured the disease.

For ten dreadful years, I suffered with the ravages of depression, addiction and chronic degenerative disease.  Bi-polarism, alcohol and substance abuse, behavioral addictions and Ankylosing Spondylitis hammered me for the better part of a decade before I made the decision to change my life, or die trying.

Determined to live pain free or die, I spent years searching everywhere on the planet for any and all means available to ease my mind and body from this devastating condition.

After years and years of pain and suffering, depression and denial, I lost the will to live, and I finally just gave up. If you were in as much pain as I was, you would probably do the same thing.

I had two choices, as I saw it:

  • Kill myself, or…
  • Help myself

After a lot of intensive soul-searching, I made a firm commitment to stop waiting around for someone to ride to my rescue with a “magic bullet” medical treatment.

I went to the ends of the Earth searching for any alternative that could stop the pain and suffering that I knew would eventually kill me.

To my amazement, what I discovered completely reversed the pain, anxiety and symptoms of AS that I’d suffered with for over a decade.

I have been attending the AS Victor's coaching sessions and have been blown away by the teachings! The supportive community that has grown from the very first session is amazing. If you are truly ready, this group is a massive step into healing and understanding.

Cameron Trethowan

Relief and Recovery from AS

After many years of trial and error, learning what works and what doesn’t, I finally discovered how to reverse the symptoms of AS. I have put it all into one simple and effective formula called the Winslow Method™ Self-Healing System.

The Winslow Method™ Self-Healing System is the ACT of Recovery from AS. It consists of three modules (A-C-T) designed to eliminate deep emotional stress, condition the mind and body for recovery, and create new and improved empowerment for personal healing.

The Winslow Method™ combines powerful tools for pain relief in minutes, training to reverse your symptoms in weeks, and personal coaching for lifetime transformation.

The Winslow Method™ has led me and others to complete and lasting success. Today the extreme pain, debilitating anxiety and wicked addictions that were a daily fixture in my life of powerlessness and victimhood have been fully replaced by deep self-confidence, total self-empowerment, and a tremendous love for life.

Tomás Mádr

Peter, I am still amazed at how quickly I started getting better after talking to you. You not only helped me to start my healing, but also to see a positive future again as I rediscover myself. I am not limping now, I am eating anything I want, exercising, and building new goals for the future all in a very new, empowering and non-stressful way. Now I can shift my focus to the things I really want to do!

Tomás Mádr

The Secret: The Winslow Method™ Uses Cutting-Edge Brain Science

Through my many years of formal schooling, clinical practice, practical life experience, and ongoing training in conventional western sciences, eastern philosophies, behavior modification, personal training, meditation, mindfulness and other disciplines, I discovered that a neurological function called neuroplasticity can reverse the pain of AS.

Neuroplasticity enables people to recover from stroke, injury, and birth abnormalities, overcome autism, ADD and ADHD, learning disabilities and other brain deficits, pull out of depression and addictions, and reverse obsessive compulsive patterns. It has also been called be the antidote for chronic pain.

Neuroplasticity requires specific training and conditioning techniques, so you can't buy it in a pill. I have seen neuroplasticity allow many, many people to reverse their pain and conquer their fears, and it can do the same for you.

Better Health and Real Happiness

The Winslow Method™ is a system for pain-free living, a comprehensive yet simple method for relief and recovery from AS. It worked wonders for me, its worked for hundreds of others, and it can work for you.

I created the Victors Club membership site to personally take you by the hand and guide you through every step of the process.

Our member's area is chock-full of amazing and powerful Winslow Method™ resources to help you defeat pain, beat stress, abolish the anxiety you've struggled with and change your life forever.

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Now you can get instant access to all of our life-changing Winslow Method™ resources and weekly coaching sessions with Peter in the AS Victors Club.

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Here's what's included:

Live Weekly Interactive Group Coaching with Peter Winslow, founder of the AS Victors

This is where the action is!  You get personal face time and powerful coaching from Peter each week as he lays out the inner workings of the Winslow Method Self-Healing System for you live and in person.

Convenient videos to guide your recovery

You get unlimited access to dozens of helpful training videos so you can learn these powerful methods whenever and wherever you want.

Ask Peter a Question

You get access to Peter and his coaching guidance whenever you need it. Got questions? The answers are just a click away!

Meet helpful, like-minded members at the Club Forum

You’re getting a ton of knowledge, resources and guidance in the Club—and your success is further empowered by connecting with people who are on the same path as you. Our Forum is the perfect place to meet others who love to share their knowledge and perspective on your healing and recovery.

Guided Meditation Audio Programs condition you to be fearless and stress free

Deep and effective mental training! These amazing audios effortlessly put you into a state of guided meditation and condition your mind and body for rapid healing success.

Great books give you specific guidelines for healing

A treasure trove of wisdom—incredibly powerful principles of science and philosophy brought together for dynamic and lasting success in health, happiness and healing. These books give you a clear example and account, in precise detail, of exactly how Peter recovered from AS—and how you can too.

Discussion and commentary on A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle's masterpiece on healing the pain-body

Incredibly useful, in-depth enlightenment training from the AS Victors Book Club audio recordings. Here you get high-integrity guidance in spiritual development for healing from physical illness.

Dozens of blog entries reveal tactics for your success

Even more tools for deep inspiration and ongoing support! These articles expose many hidden secrets for uncompromising motivation and personal empowerment on your journey from victim to AS Victor.

Guidance for family and friends to help them support you

Have a loved one who is struggling with how to help you? This book lays it all out in easy step-by-step instructions with thoughtful guidance and understanding.

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Winslow Method™ Users in Their Own Words

Nils Menke

What I want everyone to know is that Peter addresses EVERYTHING you need to know about real healing. I read a lot of books and sometimes I catch myself thinking: “Oh, I need to read and know more.” I do not need to know more since Peter talks about everything all the other teachers talk about. There is nothing to add, nothing more to know.

Nils Menke
Baruch Cholow

Peter’s guidance changed my life and started the healing process from Ankylosing Spondylitis. Today I am pain free! My life has changed in so many amazing ways. For anyone who is suffering, I highly recommend working with Peter – his method is real, he speaks the truth, and he can help you transform your life to another Heavenly level. Thanks Peter!

Baruch Cholow
Lynn Thompson

After working with the AS Victors I no longer take any medications. I was bedridden at one point, but now I can garden, sit for hours, hike on mountains, kayak, etc. My doctors say that my spine looks like that of someone 30 years younger. Sessions with Peter are priceless!

Lynn Thompson
Ashutosh Sharma

I had very severe hip pain, and I couldn’t walk when I was diagnosed. Working with this group my hip pain reduced to a very great extent and it became almost invisible. Then last week before our group session my hip pain was totally gone! Everything I have learned and been practicing for the last 2 months has changed my mindset like never before.

Ashutosh Sharma
Lauren LaRose

Peter Winslow is speaking scientific proof. I attended an AS Victors coaching program for 3 months and I have the recordings to go back and listen to. After about 6 months, I’m finally in remission! Thanks AS Victors.

Lauren LaRose
Kristi Denton

When my son Skyler first started experiencing the symptoms of AS, we as a family tried desperately to “figure it out” by reading everything, talking to every one we could find in the medical and naturopathic medical community. We received confusing, often conflicting advice. As each program was followed, the disease never eased, and usually increased. When we discovered Peter Winslow, Skyler had a knowing that the Winslow Method™ spoke to him, and that Peter had information to guide him along the way. Heaven knows we all felt fear that this too could be a path to nowhere. However, Skyler took the leap and it certainly did lead somewhere…. to remission of his severely debilitating AS symptoms! Something we all had believed was impossible! I can’t tell you the depth of gratitude I feel every day.

Kristi Denton
 Anthony Paden

The Winslow Method™ has all of the tools needed to help anyone with AS. It has helped me to make peace with myself while dissolving the pain. I have recovered from a bed-ridden 110lbs to fairly pain free 165lbs, living in love instead of fear, and actually being grateful for life. I am finally in harmony, and I AM HEALING. You Can Too!

Anthony Paden
Skyler Denton

The time I spent with Peter changed my life forever! Peter has the knowledge and experience to genuinely lead us in a very new and inspiring direction, and under his guidance I radically changed my life in the most empowering way. I achieved remission from the degenerative disease called AS and in the process discovered something few people truly have: A passion, a purpose and a powerful new life path. My quality of life is so rich compared to what it was before I met Peter.

Skyler Denton
Marissa Martinez

Peter, I am incredibly thankful for you touching the lives of so many, including Skyler. It was because of him that I received confirmation that THERE IS more than what doctors had told me. I had a feeling that that wasn’t just it for me. That there was something else out there. Because of your journey and your mentoring Skyler, well let’s just say beautiful things are happening and will continue to happen because of it!

Marissa Martinez
José Saldaña

I have suffered with Ankylosing Spondylitis since the age of 19. My biggest fear was to be told that I could not participate in sports ever again. What would my future be if there was no cure and no way to heal? I joined two AS Facebook groups for support. After just one day I had to leave the first group; I just couldn’t put up with all their suffering. Then I found Peter Winslow. He told how to create a pain free body, and listed the exact steps to do it. It all just clicked and it really worked! I am truly thankful for Peter and his expertise in helping people reclaim their lives from AS. I went from victimization to remission! Thank you AS Victors!

José Saldaña
Vikas Udupa

I used to have a degenerating spine and was taking NSAIDs. I am now not taking any medication at all, and my spine and hips seem to have regenerated back to full health after putting the knowledge taught here into practice.

Vikas Udupa
Michael Quigley

I love this group! It is a fantastic platform for us to learn and share valuable information. I have completely turned the corner and I am 100% adoring life again!For any skeptics out there, I am more than willing to share anything you want to know.

Michael Quigley
 Ralph Ruiz

Recently someone asked me about the sequence of events from the time I got sick to the time I healed from AS symptoms. I remember clearly that Peter Winslow’s book “Help For People With AS” put the final nail in the coffin and helped me understand what had just taken place. It is truly amazing!

Ralph Ruiz
Kendrick Mendez

Hey just want to let you guys know that you guys rock! Believe it or not you are helping me with my ankylosing spondylitis because you have said what I always knew – the path to heal is inside us. I’m a big believer that we operate under an extremely higher intelligence that does many things for us that we never know about. The ASVA for me was incredibly reassuring. I’m a professional MMA fighter who trains hard for my fights so being an athlete with ankylosing spondylitis had been difficult but now I know I can get better, thanks to you! You guys have definitely changed one life here!

Kendrick Mendez
Mikael Petre

I coached with Peter for relief from AS, and the progress I made is truly astonishing! He has made a HUGE difference in my life which has led me straight to living without fear. I now wake up everyday with a smile! Thank you Peter.

Mikael Petre
Ute McInnes

I love the Winslow Effect™! I was on half Meds all day and feel great!!!

Ute McInnes
Dana Gambill

I want to thank you for introducing me to AS Victor’s and the book group. You all are so inspiring and I’ve learned so much!

Dana Gambill
Josh McDonald

I saw my rheumatologist on Wednesday and she no longer needs to see me on a recurring basis. Thank you Peter!

Josh McDonald
Ashley Flynn

Thank you for your guidance into a pain free life! Never has there been a more rewarding gift, combining education and advice with self empowerment and control. For anybody who is still in the stages of the healing journey, get with these guys and stay the course! This is truly a life changing experience.

Ashley Flynn

Are You Beginning to See the Possibilities?

The Victors Club can guide you to a new life free of the pain and anxiety of AS. It really IS possible!

When you join the AS Victors Club you will:

  • Decrease your pain by 90% in 30 days or less
  • Rediscover your energy, so you can feel like your healthy self again
  • Vastly improve your mood as you are freed from pain and anxiety about the future
  • Watch your productivity skyrocket so you can make a better life for yourself and your loved ones
  • Improve your relationships as everyone you know witnesses your healing progress
  • Radically reduce your anxiety and stress within 24 hours
  • Sleep deeply so you can wake up fully re-energized
  • Erase your fear of being crippled with AS
  • And so much more!

I highly encourage those who want to be free from the symptoms of AS to join Peter and learn the Winslow Method™. This method has changed my life immensely. The symptoms and pain are gone! I am at peace, and I feel great. This is the best investment I've ever made in my life!

- Anthony Paden

Take Your First Step to Freedom from AS

When you join the AS Victors Club you’ll get a goldmine of powerful help to stop pain and fear, feel great again, and even enjoy eating all the foods you love. This is the real deal… expert guidance and ongoing support for success and satisfaction on your path to recovery from AS.

The choice is yours. If you want to believe you are a victim of your genes, a victim of fate or just a victim in life, this program is not for you.

If you want real answers to the pain and suffering—clear and present guidance and instruction for real freedom from AS—then join us.

Imagine how you’ll feel….

When you wake up every morning strong, energized and ready for the day. You can easily make plans to meet a friend for a hike, chase your child on the soccer field, get through the workday without feeling like you will collapse, etc. You once lived this life, and you can do it again.

If you do nothing, your symptoms will probably get worse. The inflammation will increase, much of the swelling around the joints will calcify and the pain will hurt more and more. Your quality of life gets worse and worse as your posture degenerates and arthritis-like symptoms set in. Spinal fusions are common as AS continues to wear on your body. Don’t let that happen to you!

I’ve been symptom free for over 25 years. I’ve helped hundreds of others remove their pain and fear, and I can do the same for you.

You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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At Ankylosing Spondylitis Victors Club we are not conducting medical trials or in any way practicing medicine. We are conditioning ourselves for freedom from the mental and emotional suffering associated with AS, which in turn may help to ease the physical pain and distress.

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